Sunday, May 7, 2017

interview: olivier alary

With this posting, I was really far too fortunate to be granted an exclusive interview with OLIVIER ALARY. His newly released album, FICTION/NON-FICTION from 130701, is above and beyond a truly flawless work of musical art. The facets of musical depth go beyond any sort of cliched genres of post-classical or ambient, and instead delve into a realm of pure musical art with the highest regard to emotional impact, all the while staying true to this artist's intentions and integrity. You can read the review of the album HERE. When I come across musical masterpieces such as this (with an absolutely astounding roster of support musicians), I can't help but wonder the who, why, and how. Being a musician myself, getting inside the minds of musician/composers such as Olivier is the kind of insight that is as inspiring as the music that he's presented with this release. That said, take in a really great read from the mind of Olivier Alary. 

TONEPOET: Hello, Olivier. Congratulations on such a powerful release. Fiction/Non-Fiction is a deep journey and a beautifully conceived release. The compositions are minimal yet intense, and each song presents such a diversity in instrumental color that is effectively drawn from each individual musician. Did you play a big role with meticulous guidance of the musicians to your final compositions, or did you allow them to explore their parts with the intention of a pleasant surprise as an outcome?

OLIVIER: Thanks for your kind words! Regarding this process, it’s really a lot of back and forth.

I’ve developed personal techniques with many musicians for the past ten years.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

review: olivier alary - fiction/non-fiction

It's an absolute honor to be sharing my thoughts on an outstanding new release from a very gifted French composer by the name of OLIVIER ALARY. I was familiar with Olivier before his release of FICTION/NON-FICTION by way of the release  ELEVEN INTO FIFTEEN (A 130701 COMPILATION). I've even been fortunate enough to have used 2 songs of his in recent sessions (WHEN NIGHT MEETS LIGHT as well as WE HAVE BECOME INFINITE). With the release of Fiction/Non-Fiction, I thankfully have a treasure trove of new sonic colors in which to feed my ears and mind. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

review: selffish - he she them us

I can tell that my aural experience is going to be an amazing one when I find myself peering about the room searching for that sound that I just heard, without a conscious awareness that it's the music that is creating this backdrop within my mind. This extremely artistically imagined release from SELFFISH (Andrejs Eigus) creates that space. By introducing colorful images of sound through, Selffish meticulously constructs some of the best and most ambitious music to ever grace my ears in a long time. It might sound juvenile to even say it, but trying to explain the beauty, intensity, and perfectly executed intention of this music is cheapening the actual experience of taking in HE SHE THEM US. This is a rare case of the book (that you are now reading) being a fraction as good as the movie.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

we have become infinite

Hello, ambient space travelers. Today, we will embark on a journey through a cerebral dreamlike state of semi-conscious travel, with a duration lasting from the cosmic sunrise to the cosmic sunset. For a single hour out of your busy and turbulent life, we will assemble ourselves comfortably within our space pods for a colorful excursion that brings us many peaks and valleys. Each interpretation of this experience will be unique. Knowing this, you are equipped with the knowledge that your journey belongs to you alone. Right now, no one's experience is more important than your own. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

as we unfold our celestial daydreams

Greetings, fellow travelers. Today, we here at Spaceman's Transmissions wish to be blessed with your attendance on our latest journey to the celestial horizon in effort to witness the event of an aural rain-shower. Our journey will reward us with the beautiful visions of a world within our minds. There is still a realm of your mind that is untapped and undiscovered, full of creativity, beauty, and child-like wonder. Let go of the chaotic physical realm and delve into the sonic realm to reap mental benefits. Within our tired minds, we will map out our path to solace and mental clarity. We will attempt to reemerge with a renewed sense of purpose, enlightenment, and comfort. Take in the beauty of this session, and realize that its sole purpose is to put you, the aural attendee, in a new headspace. With your accommodations upgraded to first class, we are quite confident that this undertaking will be a successful one.